Black Thorn

GEORGE TOWN: A durian shop at Jalan Macalister, which went viral on social media for selling three durians for almost RM1,000 (RM937), was slapped with a RM2,000 compound for displaying confusing price tags which were not written in Bahasa Malaysia. Named in some regions as the "king of fruits", 5 the durian is distinctive for its large size, strong odour , and thorn -covered rind The fruit can grow as large as 30 centimetres (12 in) long and 15 centimetres (6 in) in diameter, and it typically weighs one to three kilograms (2 to 7 lb).
The durian got its name because the tips of the thorns on this variety tends to be darker. If you think that Singapore only has two durian seasons - hot and hotter - you're not wrong, but we'd much prefer thinking of it as durian season and no-durian season instead.

Durian Black Thorn which is also known as Duri Hitam (Malay), Ochee (Chinese), and Hei Tze, Durian Black Thorn has a bright yellow and rosy orange hue, with its signature mark being its thick core and a reddish-brown line along the middle of the durian.
Happening daily until Sept 16, from noon to 10pm, the 2019 Genting Durian Festival offers some of the best durians from three local orchards - Durian Republic from Penang, Weng Fatt Orchard from Raub in Pahang, and Genting's own May Jie Gohtong Trading.

On my visit, these included a Lipan (known as Centipede, too) from a 60-year-old tree, florally perfumed and fondant-silky; a gourd-shaped Hor Lor, an iconic Penang variety, with cacao and muscovado notes and an umami back-taste; and an Ang Hae (red prawn), redolent of chardonnay and cantaloupe.
The Musang King we had that evening was grade A, it was perfectly ripe which is evident by the wrinkles you see on the flesh. Musang King trees are different. Interestingly, while Leow has won numerous awards in Penang for his Black Thorn, he has never entered a durian competition anywhere else.
Our award winning Black Thorn (D200) durian is famous for its buttery texture characteristics. The Tawa is a oblong shaped durian with flesh that is pale yellow, less creamy and more watery and very pungent. Durian trader Tan Chee Keat said the A-list Musang King would not cost a bomb but would be more affordable now.

This is the first time he is participating in this competition and Penang people are very proud of him because it just proves that his Black Thorn is one of the top, premium grade durians in Malaysia right now,” says a jubilant Pow. The flesh is a pale yellow colour, not too sweet, dry and creamy with just a touch of bitterness.
I was quite impressed with the graphics, -nicely done- explaining the various states in peninsular Malaysia and where durians are grown (yes, virtually all have durian). Transported fresh daily from Raub, Pahang, you can be sure your dose of durians at Durian Kings are the finest there is.

I plan to go and try it, though if you get there before me, let me know if the D24 is worth it. A Mao Shan Wang might have greater appeal. The bottom has a little belly-button indent that protects the durian's dried up flower stamen from breaking off as it grows, creating a blackened thorn” that protrudes and gives the durian its name.
Nicknamed King of Fruits”, this creamy, seasonal tropical fruit with a spiky exterior is grown in Southeast Asian countries and is known for its strong and distinctive smell. I have seen durian trees that are more than 100 years old and still yielding a great number of fruits annually,” says one planter.

If it is, you should only buy fruits from old trees, except that there's no real way to know. Hurix's Coffie Black Thorn Durian Coffee gives you the greatest sensations experience with the distinctive aroma, rich and smooth taste from the combination of coffee and Black Thorn Durian.

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