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A real insight is required to get into the medical practice management and how it performs. In such sessions, through reflective learning activities such as discussion of real-life leadership and coaching issues, role plays and group coaching, participants can deepen their understanding of leadership and coaching principles (Donaldson-Feilder & Bush, 2009 ). This is often the forum in which insights and actions become transformed into habits (Franke & Felfe, 2012 ).
Motivated by her passion for people, team & organisation development and her deep belief that people are creative, resourceful and full of potential, Cathleen is keen to contribute to the success of her clients through her highly committed, client-centric and whole person devoted (head, heart and behaviour) coaching interventions.

As such, ProVeritas Group follow an integrative and eclectic approach to coaching, which is widely viewed as the most desirable in Executive & Organisational Coaching because it allows for the strongest application of viability in any intervention where the primary objective is enhancing performance in the workplace.
In a co-created coaching space by the client and the coach, the coach helps the client understand how the influences above and below the surface interact and provides the support during the learning, transformation and growth of the individual or team.

He has also held various other senior management positions in the SingTel Group including VP Consumer Marketing, CEO SINGNET, CEO Multimedia Group, Director Corporate Development, Director Business Marketing and Director Corporate Account Management.
When it comes to how much companies are willing to pay for executive coaching services, a survey conducted by the Conference Board Council on Executive Coaching , shows that the hourly rates companies pay for coaching services can range for services at all levels of an organization.
In 2018 Alex's role expanded to include leading the delivery office of Telstra's company-wide T22 transformation strategy, an ambitious program to lead the Australian market by simplifying its operations and product set, improving customer experience and reducing its cost base.

Andrew is concurrently Acting Vice President for the Optus Human Resource Group, Vice President for the SingTel Group's Corporate Sustainability and a Leadership and Talent Coach to over 130 of the Optus Future and Emerging Leaders over the past few years.
Despite the intensive literature discussion on the significant role psychology plays in the executive coaching context; our review results reveal existing scientific evidence only indicated psychotherapeutic-rooted theories (e.g. CBC and working alliance) with stronger foundation on executive coaching outcomes.

Some of the key factors shown to drive employee performance are: the fairness and accuracy of informal feedback the employee receives, and their manager's emphasis on the employee's performance strengths.3 In addition, managers can positively influence staff attitudes and morale by the way they talk about the organisation and the team's part within it—to the team and more widely.
Gentle reminders such as emailing tips to leaders on a weekly or twice-weekly basis not only refresh memories of specific coaching techniques, but also prompt them to apply coaching skills on a day-to-day basis in the workplace, both with others and, just as importantly, with themselves.

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