Having Dean looking after us, was a very pleasant and comfortable experience, throughout the whole process purchasing the car and picking it up. Sign in to your Google / GMail account (if you’re not already signed in). If you do not have a Google / GMail account, you quickly sign up for a free one here. Local SEOis all about helping business be f… Read More

We only provide automatic vehicles for students to complete the course. We want all students to focus on the course components and not the operation of the clutch and gears. You can pay with cash at the start of each lesson/licence test.I pretty much regained must of my confidence on the road within 2 lessons after not having done any driving for m… Read More

L Driving school is situated in Sydney and serves the entire city. We pick up students from the doorstep and drop them back after completion of the day’s lesson. Save big on our package driving courses and classes or give us a test with $10 off your first lesson. Passed my test today with flying colours, finally got my full licence. I am greatly… Read More

Adding to the versatility of this product is the ability to combine Louvre, double hung or fixed light windows as decorative side lights, further enhancing the design features. Combined with an aluminium entry door frame, various glass designs and side lights or high lights, hinged doors can become a unique feature in your home. When we talk about … Read More

The area around the lake is home to the one of the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan. The east side of the lake resembles a sun while the west side resembles a moon. It is very hazy today whether that is the heat or pollution, who knows. Lilly suggests the pollution could well come from China.Followed by a trip to the Seashore Park not far away and a dri… Read More